April 23, 2017 BLOG
classic car
Not all classic cars are restored. Sometimes you find them like this, abandoned and forgotten. Black and white photography is about capturing and pres ......
April 2, 2017 BLOG
What do you do when sitting on a beach under a bright moon? You take out your camera and set it up for a beautiful image. The location is My ......
March 26, 2017 BLOG
The favourite part of the wedding day for us as photographers is the time that we spend with the bride and groom alone—no family, no guests, no wedd ......
March 12, 2017 BLOG
Moments happen throughout the wedding day. A little look. A tender kiss. A light touch. All demonstrate the wonder , joy and love you share with ......
March 5, 2017 BLOG
So you think you've managed to quietly slip the couple away to take some romantic, by the water, sunset shots? Think again! Seemingly out of nowhere, ......
February 26, 2017 BLOG
A touch of whimsy was added by a couple to their wedding day. They didn't have a Lego-themed wedding, just a couple visible instances of it: in cuffli ......
February 19, 2017 BLOG
look up, way up
Look up, way up. Follow the mast to the edge of the sky. So much mood, emotion and depth in this photo.We love this image as it contains some of ......
February 12, 2017 BLOG
tall ships
I must down to the seas again, to the lonely sea and the sky,And all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by...—John MasefieldTall ships are ......
February 5, 2017 BLOG
the gown
What look will you choose for your bridal gown? Fabric, colour and silhouette play a big role in your choice, as does the style of your day—fro ......
January 29, 2017 BLOG
wedding party fashion
One of the most fascinating things about shooting a wedding is the fashion choices. Over the years we have seen quite the evolution of fashion trends& ......
January 22, 2017 BLOG
the bridal gown
As a wedding photographer most of the images we take are of the wedding couple and guests. After all, that's what the wedding is all about—cele ......
December 11, 2016 BLOG
pitch black
The challenge: take a photograph in pitch black in the middle of an orchard. Challenge accepted. And here's the result. By backlighting the couple wit ......
December 4, 2016 BLOG
We love the details of your wedding day. This couple had selected the Empress Hotel as their wedding location, from the ceremony in the library t ......
November 27, 2016 BLOG
life on the edge
Along the magnificent outer west coast of Vancouver Island lies Ucluelet. The word Ucluelet (pronounced you-KLEW-let) is a local First Nations word me ......
November 20, 2016 BLOG
detail and texture
Rich fauna, beachfront, forest of Douglas fir, big leaf maple and Garry oak trees, rivers, creeks and lakes…all in one regional park. It is easy to ......
November 14, 2016 BLOG
Welcome to the Pacific Coastal temperate rainforest, among the largest wettest, non-tropical areas in the world. It is full of living and de ......
October 30, 2016 BLOG
what lies beyond
It was time to leave the familiar world of daylight behind and venture into the darkness to explore the magical landscape of the night. 'Night'&n ......
October 16, 2016 BLOG
reception decor
When you're bored with pixie lights and elegant chandeliers and seeking something more unique, consider something a bit more eclectic: Edison bul ......
October 9, 2016 BLOG
majestic mountains
Kicking Horse Campground (Yoho National Park) and Field, B.C., offer majestic mountain panoramas of the Rocky Mountains. This image is ......
October 2, 2016 BLOG
fashion show 2
Here is another image from the fashion show at the Bridal Exhibition, Victoria this past September. How many ideas did you get from the show?When ......
September 17, 2016 BLOG
the wedding ring
We have a design palette feature in the Vancouver Island version of The Wedding Ring , Fall/Winter 2016 edition (page 20). These are the ima ......
September 11, 2016 BLOG
When you think of a flower's colours you think whites, pinks, yellows, reds, purples, oranges and blues. And flowers make you think of ......
August 28, 2016 BLOG
chinese roof tiles
A Chinese tiled roof is a work of art. It has both protective and decorative functions and is full of symbolism. These semicircle tiles, alternating c ......
August 21, 2016 BLOG
old battery
Macaulay Point Park is home to a battery built in 1878, which was to ensure the coast was defended in case of a Russian attack (the Russo-Turkish War ......

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