Our Philosophy

We aren't going to get all deep on you, so don't worry.

Our philosophy and approach is easy – Keep It Simple.

So, we keep our pricing simple and fair, include only the basics and provide you with options to help you create what you want. We top it off with real customer service and at prices that all of us normal folk can afford. All because we're photographers and honestly just love taking photos.

Our goal – always – is to stay true to the art and capture storytelling images that you can love and share and go back to year after year.

We have a unique style that incorporates you, your personality/personalities and we love to have fun at the same time.

We have exceptional photo-editing talent to top off your awesome photos with finishing that is cool, but not annoying or overdone.

Photography is our passion and livelihood, and we couldn't imagine doing anything else. We receive a lot of feedback that we're hired because of our passion for photography, and when you meet us you'll see that we really do live and breathe this stuff. So you can know you're not just hiring someone who takes pretty pictures…you're working with people who love what they do.

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