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Pure love of the medium and the art… Vincent discovered his passion very early on when his father gave him his first camera. He has never looked back. Photography grew from a hobby…to a passion…to who he is.

Passion… At time, his work as a photographer has taken a back seat to other 'meaningful' employment. But photography continues to be Vincent's way to see the world.

Working with masters… Over the years, Vincent has continued to study and learn more about photography. Trial and error contributed to perfecting technique and honing his skills in those early years. All the while, his own unique style began to emerge. Wishing to enhance photographic style and technique, Vincent has mentored with and attended working courses held by master photographers. Of particular note and influence are Bud Watson, Freeman Patterson and Ansel Adams. The learning process never ends.

Establishing his own business… In 1989 Vince registered his home-based business under the name of Creative Exposure Photography. The move to B.C. has resulted in Vincent re-establishing his business and his excellent reputation throughout Victoria, Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands, and the lower Mainland B.C.

Staying current… Technology is and always will be a tool, how it is used is up to the photographer. Vincent embraces all the change and harnesses the advancements in technology for the benefit of his clients. From image capture, to digital processing, to final printing, Vincent takes great care to maintain detail, tonal depth and colour saturation in every one of his photographs.


A team effort….Vincent is not alone in his efforts to make Creative Exposure Photography into a thriving enterprise. At his side is his wife, Gayle. She supports his dream, provides endless hours of administrative work, and operates as his Assistant (when necessary), mostly in weddings and chaperoning at portrait sittings

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